Holly & Ted

“We came to Stacie for couples therapy at a true turning point in our marriage. It could have gone either way: Separation or reconciliation. Stacie helped guide us through some very difficult moments. The process felt like we were a three-person team, working toward truth, self-awareness and rediscovery of why we mattered to each other. By sharing our feelings and experiences honestly in the therapy process, our relationship is not only back on track, but even better than the previous 15 years of marriage. Stacie is a skilled professional. She is directive and completely candid when necessary, yet kind and empathetic. Her techniques elicit open discussion and no glossing over of the tough stuff. We worked hard to get to this point, and with Stacie's support it was an incredible journey.”


Jill H.

“Stacie was recommended to me by someone I trust and respect immensely. As I worked through some hard issues, Stacie proved to be a compassionate and talented therapist. I will be forever grateful she was willing to accompany me through history, emotion and most importantly, uncertainty.”


Kim Muir

“...we both left with a comforting feeling we had found someone with whom we could relate and work with. Your warmth was instantly felt.”


“Stacie has been a soft place to land while I figured out my life. Her experience and empathy have brought me insight into topics I couldn’t tell anyone else... She has been my partner in sorting thru a tangle of emotions brought on by years of everyday noise and childhood junk. She has been objective, kind and ultimately empowering...”



“I’ve made such progress with you and I am feeling very strong, optimistic, and able to tackle today and the future. I am grateful for all the very healing and helpful sessions with you.”